Join our affiliate program and earn money when you recommend Lifeline products.

Just apply for an account and once you receive your affiliate log-in, you will have access to code for links and banners that you can use to send visitors to the Lifeline website. When someone purchases a product you've recommended, you'll receive a commission.

How much does it cost to join your affiliate program? Nothing, it's free to be a member of the Lifeline affiliate program.

How much commission will I earn? We pay commission for all sales you refer. Our standard commission rate is 15%.

When will I receive payment? When you have accumulated $100 in commission, you'll receive a payment. Payments will be made thereafter as soon as your earned commission equals at least $100. If you haven't accumulated $100 in commission, your commissions will continue to accrue until they reach at least $100.

Where do I get the code for the affiliate link to place on my website? You'll receive a login after signing up for the affiliate program. After logging in to the affiliate program member area, you'll have access to links and banners. The links are unique to your affiliate ID and will be used to track sales.

How will I know when someone followed a link from my website and purchased a Lifeline product? Sales to customers who came from your website pass through our affiliate program software and are automatically credited to your affiliate ID. You will be automatically notified by email of every sale credited to your ID. You can also login to the affiliate program member area and check your sales whenever you would like.