Lateral Resistor Pro

Lateral Resistor Pro (4-LR2-4 $$)
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4-LR2-4 $$

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Learn to resist all types of lateral movements with the ultimate lateral speed and agility trainer. Lifeline’s Lateral Resistor 2 is perfect for resisting defensive slides, quick feet drills, monster walks and all hip movements. It's 3-in-1 cable pocket can hold up to three interchangeable resistance cables for forces ranging from 30 to over 180 pounds. Target and strengthen thighs, glutes, hamstrings, and calves with lunges, extensions and curls. Increase speed and stride length for explosive moves. Build power and muscle endurance. Shuffle in all directions for freedom of movement, balance improvement and robust leg drive. Be quick to get one today! 

Pack Includes:

• Three resistance cables

• Pair of padded ankle cuffs with cable pockets 

• Instructional brochure 

• Durable webbing on exterior

• Innovative patented cable pocket design

• Adjustable resistance for Lifeline cable

• Secure straps fits most 

• Build complete lower body strength for explosive moves

• Forces ranging from 30 to over 180 pounds

• Increase agility and speed for higher athletic performance

• Equal resistance in all directions allows for freedom of movement

• Improve balance by targeting under-used muscle groups

• Portable and lightweight for the gym, home or travel