Vertical Jumper - 60lb

Vertical Jumper - 60lb (4-VJ-6)

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The Lifeline Vertical Jumper is designed for those serious about towering over their competition. It works the same way the Portable Power Jumper does, only it doesn't resist the upper body and spine. We recommend the Vertical Jumper for people who have had any back or neck injury because it isolates your lower body. Quickly go from 40lbs to 200lbs of knee saving resistance for more power, distance and height. The Portable Power Jumper is the full body version that works your core and back at the same time. Use it with a jump rope and your cardio, strength training and jump training can all happen at the same time.

Six 12 inch R6 cables, belt with 3-in-1 cable pockets, brochure

  • Work your entire body with one product
  • Increase your jumps without straining your neck or back