Lifeline Video Drills

In order for you to maximize your training with Lifeline, our experts have developed custom drills to show you how to get the most out of each Lifeline product.

Please click on the product name below to view the videos.

Chest Expander//Exercises
Shoulder Circles
Rear Fly (Female)
Rear Fly
One Arm Tricep Extension
One Arm Press
Lateral Raise
Combat Bag//Exercises
Jump Squats
Lunge with Twist
Squat Press
Jungle Gym XT//Exercises
Three Different Uses
Assisted Lunge & Squat Progression
Assisted Pull-Up Progression
Body Row Progression
Foot Up Lunge
Leg Curl Progression
Leg Curl Progression
Pike Ups
Pull Ups
Push Up Progression
Roll Outs
Tricep Dip Progression
Warrior 3
Power Push Up Plus//Exercises
Bent Over Rows
Changing Resistance
Dead Lifts
Push-Up Variations
Step Back Lunge
Power Wheel//Exercises
Alligator Push-Ups
Atomic & Alligator Push-Ups
Atomic Push-Ups
Hot go Get Into
Incline Plank Hold
Leg Curls
Pike Ups Spider
Pike Ups Spider Redux
Plank Crawl
Roll Out Progression
Pull Up Revolution//Exercises
Chin Ups
Levers Ice Cream Makers
Slam Ball//Exercises
Forward Throws
Lunge with Rotation
Lunges Back & Forth/Side-to-Side
Partner Lateral Rows (Male & Female)
Partner Lateral Rows (Male)
Sit-Up & Reach
Super Bands//Exercises
Dead Lift
Overhead Press
Partner Diagonal Chops (Male & Female)
Partner Diagonal Chops (Male)
Partner Diagonal Lifts (Male & Female)
Partner Diagonal Lifts (Male)
Partner Rows
Upright Row
TNT Cable System//Exercises
Bicep Curls
Changing Cables
Chest Press
Diagonal Chops
Diagonal Lifts
Different Resistance Levels
Front Squats
Overhead Tricep Extension
Shoulder Press
Step Back Lunges
Train Station//Exercises
Cable Full Extension
Chest Press
Diagonal Chops Lifts
Hip Abduction/Adduction
Hip Extension
Weighted Speed Jump Rope//Exercises
Measure & Adjust
Basic Jumping Rope